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On Time Investigations is a licensed Private Detective Agency located about 30 minutes north of Baltimore, Maryland. Our business is focused on providing surveillance services for adultery, child custody and insurance fraud. But there are many other surveillance related situations that we handle. We provide statewide coverage in Maryland and under certain conditions, are allowed to travel out of state to provide our services. 

This Private Investigator in Maryland has no hidden fees, all with one hourly rate.
The nice thing about using this Maryland Private Investigator is that he does not charge a mileage fee. Just pay the hourly surveillance rate.
Not many Private Investigators in Maryland have this low of a retainer. If you only need a couple of hours, this Maryland Private Investigator can help you.
Do you want to hire a Maryland Private Investigator that doesn't charge extra for rush service? Here we are ready to help you.
Get a typed report with photos by using this Maryland Private Investigator. Every surveillance event is documented with a formal, court quality report.
If you want to hire a Maryland Private Investigator, make sure you request an estimate so that there are no financial surprises.
We have 28 years experience as a Maryland Private Investigatorr. We have years of experience using GPS Tracking Devices. Give us a call before you purchase one.

General Information

We specialize in surveillance for cases related to adultery, child custody and insurance fraud. There are many other situations where surveillance evidence may be useful. Give us a call to discuss your situation. The conversation is confidential and free. 

We understand that this is probably a once in a lifetime event and that you will need help understanding the process. 

First of all, we are up front with all costs. There are no hidden fees. We want to provide an experience where you are educated on the process and make sure that there are no financial surprises. 

Before you hire an agency, test out how well they respond to your calls or text messages. We pride ourselves on being responsive 9am to 9pm. Send us a text and we are usually able to respond within a few minutes, unless we are driving.


You get the process started by calling to discuss your case and listen to our recommendations. If you decide to move forward we will send you a clickable link so that you can fill out the necessary paperwork about your case. We will review the details of your case and get back to you. Just because you submit the paperwork, it does not mean your case has been accepted. We need to make sure that there isn't a conflict of interest and that we are capable of performing your needs. We also, do not work your case without your prior approval. 

Once your case is accepted, a deposit will need to be supplied by using a clickable link. The amount is based on the number of hours you would like worked during your first surveillance event. 

During surveillance, you will know when the investigator arrives and what is observed. Any activity that is observed will also be communicated to you as it happens, or once the investigator has stopped driving. This process continues until you decide to have the investigator break off. We want you to be an active participant in the process. 

Once your first surveillance event has concluded, we will type up a formal "court quality" report with time stamped photos. You will also receive a detailed "Invoice" showing how your money was spent. 


Feel free to text our business line with questions if you would rather not call. We will be glad to answer any questions that you may have. ​

Following a Vehicle

This is a very unpredictable part of surveillance. It doesn't take long for the "subject" to notice the same vehicle behind them making the same turns and stops. The last thing we want is to be too aggressive and have the investigator get caught. If the investigator notices the subject getting curious, we will break off following. We recommend using two investigators whenever following a vehicle is part of surveillance. This allows the investigators to switch off occasionally so the subject doesn't see the same vehicle all of the time. After the first stop sign or red light, the first investigator can turn off into a gas station as the second investigator pulls up to take over. And then investigators can switch again at some point when deemed necessary. The use of a GPS tracking device allows surveillance without the need to even have the investigators in view of the subject. The investigator(s) follow a few miles behind the subject, totally out of view, until the subject parks. Then we close in to see what's happening and get the evidence. 

If you only want one investigator to try and follow a vehicle, be prepared to hear "we lost them in traffic". Even with two investigators, a poorly timed red light can cause both investigator to be stuck. We may be behind the subject for 5 minutes or 5 hours. It's really just a matter of luck, traffic lights and other vehicles getting in the way. 

Ways for a Maryland Private Investigator to follow a vehicle and the related performance.




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