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Maryland Private Investigator (Annapolis)

Maryland Investigator

License 106-3117

We are licensed by the Maryland State Police as a Private Detective Agency. We are authorized to conduct undercover surveillance.

Maryland Private Investigator (Baltimore)


No Minimum Hours

We do not require a minimum number of hours to be worked. If you only need 1 hour or 15 hours, we have it covered. 

Maryland Private Investigator (Towson)

No "Rush" Fees

We know that it's not always easy to predict when you need surveillance. So our rates remain the same even if you require "rush service". 


Maryland Private Investigator (Columbia)

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Low "Retainer"


We don't need a lot of money in order get started on your case. Usually $300 to $500 does it. 

Maryland Private Investigator (Kent Island))

Typed Reports, court quality provided by Maryland Private Investigator.

Typed Reports

We include a typed report with timestamped photos in our hourly surveillance rate.

Maryland Private Investigator (Glen Burnie)

General Information

We specialize in surveillance for cases related to adultery, child custody and insurance fraud. There are many other situations where surveillance evidence may be useful. Give us a call to discuss your situation. The conversation is confidential and free. 

Maryland Private Investigator (Arnold)

We understand that this is probably a once in a lifetime event and that you will need help understanding the process. 

Maryland Private Investigator (Stevensville)

First of all, we are up front with all costs. There are no hidden fees. We want to provide an experience where you are educated on the process and make sure that there are no financial surprises. 

Maryland Private Investigator (Gambrills)

Before you hire an agency, test out how well they respond to your calls or text messages. We pride ourselves on being responsive 9am to 9pm. Send us a text and we are usually able to respond within a few minutes, unless we are driving.

Maryland Private Investigator (Essex)

You get the process started by calling to discuss your case and listen to our recommendations. If you decide to move forward, click on the "Sign Up" button and provide us with your case details. Once your case is set up, we can discuss when and where surveillance should begin. We work with you to figure this part out and get it scheduled. We do not work your case without your prior approval. 

Maryland Private Investigator (Severna Park)

During surveillance, you will know when the investigator arrives and what is observed. Any activity that is observed will also be communicated to you as it happens, or once the investigator has stopped driving. This process continues until you decide to have the investigator break off. We want you to be an active participant in the process. 

Maryland Private Investigator (Ft. Meade)

Once your first surveillance event has concluded, we will type up a formal "court quality" report with timestamped photos. 

Maryland Private Investigator (White Marsh)

You will also receive a detailed "Invoice" showing how your money was spent. 

Maryland Private Investigator (Towson)

Feel free to text our business line if you would rather not call. We will be glad to answer any questions that you may have. 

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AAA Surveillance, Inc.

672 Old Mill Road #325

Millersville, MD 21108


Phone: (443) 848-9400



Maryland Private Investigator


You can hire a Maryland Private Investigator to videotape anyone entering or exiting a residence. Hirre a Maryland Private Investigator to videotape anyone entering or exiting a business.


Need a Maryland Private Investigator to follow a person of interest to see where they work? You can hire a Maryland Private Investigator to follow a person after work to see what they are doing until they return home. Go ahead and hiire a Maryland Private Investigator to park at a residence to see if your spouse visits and get the video. 


You'll need to hire a Maryland Private Investigator to document a child custody exchange. You can hire a Maryland Private Investigator to get photographs and tag numbers of vehicles located at a residence of interest. You can hire a Maryland Private Investigator to locate someone from your past that you have lost contact with. You can hire a Maryland Private Investigator to watch your spouse at an after work company function until they return home. You can hire a Maryland Private Investigator to watch for you spouse to leave work at lunch time to see if they are alone.


A Maryland Private Investigator can see if your spouse is really working late and do they come out alone. You can hire a Maryland Private Investigator to watch your spouse during a vacation or sick day from work. Hire a Maryland Private Investigator to get photographs of the person you suspect your spouse is sleeping with. You can hire a Maryland Private Investigator watches the paramour's residence to try and determine if they are married. A Maryland Private Investigator can follow an employee to see if they are really injured. You can hire a Maryland Private Investigator to follow a former employee to see if they are violating a non-compete agreement. 

Our Maryland Private Investigators are licensed by the Maryland State Police and can work in all 50 states, provided the case request is based out of Maryland by a client. In order for someone to conduct surveillance in Maryland, the person must be licensed as a Maryland Private Investigator. Credentials will be required in the event testimony is needed for court purposes. A Maryland Private Investigator can travel out of state to collect evidence for a Maryland based case. A Maryland Private Investigator cannot work in another state if the client and subject of the investigation are both out of state. There has to be some kind of connection to Maryland for a Maryland Private Investigator to accept the case and perform services related to surveillance. 

All of our Maryland Private Investigators are licensed by the Maryland State Police and have passed a Maryland State Police background check, but also an FBI background check. Maryland Private Investigators are required to pass this background check every three years. 

Most of our clients do not know that a Maryland Private Investigator cannot trespass onto private property to obtain surveillance evidence. A Maryland Private Investigator also cannot videotape through windows into a persons residence or business in order to obtain evidence. There is what is known as an "expectation of privacy" when in an enclosed space. But this expectation of privacy changes if the person walks up to the window to look outside, in which they are presenting themselves as available to the public. 

A Maryland Private Investigator cannot pretend to be someone that they are not, known as pretexting, in order to obtain evidence. Let's say for example that the subject of your investigation is a real estate agent. A Maryland Private Investigator cannot make an appointment with the subject to view a house for sale just to get some time alone with the subject to try and extract information. The same holds true with phone call pretexting. A Maryland Private Investigator should not call the subject pretending to be someone that they are not in order to obtain evidence. 

Equipment that a Maryland Private Investigator should carry with them are (1) a video camera that is capable to record in daytime and nighttime situations. Most agencies do not make the investment needed for good equipment. Almost all camcorders can work well in daylight. But once the sun sets, they are useless. Professional agencies will have Pro equipment like the Sony A7Sii or A7Siii which can record in pitch black situations. (2) binoculars, preferable ones that have a push button image stabilizer. (3) modern cell phone for communications and recording situations inside a bar or restaurant. (4) a potable power bank which can charge the camcorder and cell phone. It's sad to report that some agencies send out investigators with only an iPhone to get the evidence. 

In Maryland, if you hire a Maryland Private Investigator, we are required by the state to collect 6% for sales tax on our labor. 

Maryland Private Investigators charge by the hour from the time they begin driving to the beginning address until they return back to the office. Charges also include a "per mile" fee as well as any expenses such as tolls, event entrance charges, bar or restaurant, etc. 

Not all locations (residence or business) can be monitored by a Maryland Private Investigator. The investigator may arrive and find that there is no where to park that allows for a constant view of the location. In situations like this the investigator will drive past the location every 15 minutes or so watching for activity. The investigator will also try and get the vehicle information, including tag numbers. The investigator will setup a surveillance location where these vehicles will most likely pass. If any of the vehicles are spotted, the investigator would follow. 

Some Maryland Private Investigators are licensed to carry a weapon. 

If one of our Maryland Private Investigators are following a vehicle and the person begins making unusual turns, like two U-turns in a row, the investigator would just continue past and most likely end surveillance for the day. We would assume that the person being followed may be suspicious but also could just be lost. But we don't want to do anything that would confirm to the person that they are being followed. Sometimes the Maryland Private Investigator would return to the office and get a different vehicle then return to continue surveillance.