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Maryland Private Investigator

Private Investigator Near Me 

License 106-3117

Maryland State Police approved to conduct surveillance. This includes following anyone and videotaping their activities.

Private Investigator Near Me 

Do Not give out your

credit card number !!!!

Protect yourself from "unauthorized" credit card charges. We allow you to stay in control of your money.

GPS Tracking Device

Rental Program

Our professional GPS devices are available to rent on a weekly basis. An investigator will monitor the device and communicate movement to you on a daily basis. Every "stop" longer than 15 minutes will be documented using Google Maps showing the location and length of time spent there. 

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Surveillance Services


People that cheat come up with one lie after another. We help you get to the truth. 

Maryland Private Investigator


Where is my child? Is a car seat being used? Is my spouse drinking and driving? We get the answers for you. 

Millersville Maryland Private Investigator

Insurance Fraud

Really injured? Working a 2nd job while collecting compensation? Get us out there to get the evidence. 

Baltimore Maryland Private Investigator

Alcohol Abuse

We count the number of drinks consumed and during what time period. Then show the subject driving away.

Annapolis Maryland Private Investigator

Drug Abuse

Driving to a bad area to buy drugs? Smoking pot while on the porch in the dark? Worth taking a look.

Pasadena Maryland Private Investigator


My spouse moved out. I'd like to document whether someone is living there and get details about the person.

Glen Burnie Maryland Private Investigator


Do you have a protective order? Concerned about that person possibly monitoring your movements?

How We Do Business

Free Advice

Communicate with an experienced Maryland Private Investigator. We will gladly discuss your situation to see if we can help. 

Private Investigator in Maryland

Estimates Provided

Get it in writing. Avoid unexpected charges by getting an estimate prior to any work being performed.

Private Investigator Near Me

3 Hour On-Site Minimum

Surveillance can be conducted with a

3-hour onsite minimum, plus travel time from the Glen Burnie / Millersville area. Additional hours available if needed. 

Private Investigator 

Surveillance Updates

We update you during surveillance so that you know what is happening and can adjust the number of surveillance hours accordingly. 

Maryland Private Investigator Near Me

Time Stamped Photos

All photographs are timestamped and can be presented in court if needed as evidence.

Maryland Private Investigator 

Typed Reports

Provided with every surveillance event. Includes timestamped photos.

Private Investigator Near Me in Maryland

No Large Retainer

Just supply the funds to cover the estimate we supply. Take it one day at a time. 

Bowie Maryland Private Investigator 

Court Testimony

Our investigators are licensed by the Maryland State Police and can testify in court when needed. 

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Hire a Maryland Private Investigator that is closest to the surveillance location. You save money on travel time and mileage. 
Private Investigators in Maryland usually offer GPS Tracking Devices as a rental option. Consider using one to save money. The biggest problem that Private Investigators run into is traffic when following the subject. With a GPS device attached, we don't have to worry about losing the subject’s vehicle in traffic. 
Do not pay a large retainer to a Maryland Private Investigator. Take it slow and see how the agency performs. 
Before you hire a Maryland Private Investigator, have multiple conversations with them. See how responsive they are at answering the phone or responding to an email or text message. 
Maryland Private Investigator


672 Old Mill Road

Millersville, MD 21108


Call: (443) 848-9400

Text: (443) 848-9400

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Maryland Private Investigators are licensed and controlled by the Maryland State Police. Employees of a Maryland Private Investigator are only approved to get licensed after an FBI and State Police background. 
Only Maryland Private Investigators are allowed to conduct surveillance in Maryland. Evidence obtained by a Maryland Private Investigator can be presented by the investigator in court if needed. 
Maryland Private Investigators are allowed to travel out of the state of Maryland in order to obtain evidence for our customers that live in Maryland or have an attorney in Maryland representing them. 
Most Private Investigators charge an hourly rate plus expenses. Our agency will keep in touch with you during surveillance so that we decide together, how many hours to work. Be suspicious if a Maryland Private Investigator takes a fee and says they will work the case and get back to you with the results. You should know exactly what day and time your case is being worked and be presented with options.
Never give out your credit card information to any agency. Stay in control of your finances. You can pay using a credit card but we do not ask you for your credit card number or see it after the payment is processed. This information is entered by you and goes directly to the credit card processing company. They notify that a payment has been received and the amount. Filling out what some Maryland Private Investigators call a "credit card authorization form" is nothing but trouble. They can charge whatever they want to your credit card. 
Maryland Private Investigators are allowed to follow anyone around and video tape or photograph their activities. Maryland Private Investigators are not allowed to record audio conversations. Maryland Private Investigators cannot record video in a bathroom or bedroom. Maryland Private Investigators are not allowed to trespass onto private property to obtain evidence. Private Investigator therefore cannot peek through the windows of a residence or business. 
Our Maryland Private Detective Agency provides surveillance estimates to anyone, even if you have not signed up as a client yet. Our goal is to make sure that there are no financial surprises. 
Our Maryland Private Detective Agency is focused primarily on conducting surveillance for cases related to adultery, child custody, insurance fraud and alcohol abuse.
When you call AAA Surveillance, Inc, you will talk directly to a licensed Maryland Private Investigator. There is never any pressure to sign up for our services. We will be straightforward about whether we can obtain the evidence that you desire. 



672 Old Mill Road

Millersville, MD 21108


(443) 848-9400

(Maryland Private Investigator)