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Customer Service

No pressure conversations. Available 9am to 9pm.

Or text if you would rather not talk on the phone. 

Private Investigator Near Me 

Maryland Investigator

Maryland State Police


License #106-3117


We can legally conduct surveillance and present our evidence in court.

Maryland Investigator Near Me 


Secure Communications


Surveillance updates, text, photos and reports, can be provided if you download this free app.

Secure communications

User: @AAAsurv

Baltimore Maryland Investigator

Maryland Private Investigator provides free advice.

Free Advice

Communicate with an experienced Maryland Private Investigator. We will gladly discuss your situation to see if we can help. 

Private Investigator Near Me

Surveillance Updates

We update you during surveillance so that you know what is happening.

Maryland Private Investigator provides surveillance updates while working your case.

Maryland Private Investigator Near Me

Maryland Private Investigator Timestamped Photo

Time Stamped Photos

All photographs are timestamped and can be presented in court if needed as evidence.

Maryland Private Investigator 

Typed Reports

Professional court quality typed reports are prepared each time we work your case at no additional cost.

Typed Reports, court quality provided by Maryland Private Investigator.

Private Investigator Near Me 

Maryland Private Investigator can testify in court when needed.

Court Testimony

Our investigators are licensed by the Maryland State Police and can testify in court, if needed. 

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General Information

We specialize in surveillance for cases related to adultery, child custody and insurance fraud. There are many other situations where surveillance evidence may be useful. Give us a call to discuss your situation. The conversation is confidential and free. 

Private Investigator Near Me

We understand that this is probably a once in a lifetime event and that you will need help understanding the process. 

Maryland Private Investigator

First of all, we are up front with all costs. There are no hidden fees. We want to provide an experience where you are educated on the process and make sure that there are no financial surprises. Whether you hire us or another agency, we highly recommend that you go with someone that does not require you to provide a Credit Card Authorization where the agency processes the transactions for you. We allow you to stay in control of what gets charged to your card with an online payment option. 

Private Investigator in Maryland

Before you hire an agency, test out how well and responsive they are to your calls or text messages. We pride ourselves on being responsive 9am to 9pm. Send us a text and we are usually able to respond within a few minutes, unless we are driving.

Baltimore Maryland Private Investigator

You get the process started by calling to discuss your case and listen to our recommendations. If you decide to move forward, click on the "Sign Up" button and provide us with your case details. Then click on the "Pay Here" button to provide a retainer/deposit. Once your case is set up, we can discuss when and where surveillance should begin. We work with you to figure this part out and get it scheduled. We do not work your case without your prior approval. 

Annapolis Maryland Private Investigator

During surveillance, you will know when the investigator arrives and what is observed. Timestamped photos are usually provided at this time. Any activity that is observed will also be communicated to you as it happens, or once the investigator has stopped driving. This process continues until you decide to have the investigator break off. We want you to be an active participant in the process. 

Private Investigator Near Me

Once your first surveillance event has concluded, we will type up a report and insert relevant photos at no additional charge. This report can be used in court or provided to an attorney if needed. 

Maryland Private Investigator

You will also receive a detailed Invoice showing how your money was spent. Along with the invoice there will be a Financial Summary that will show how much retainer/deposit you provided minus the Invoice amount. If you have a positive balance left over, we can refund that amount or hang onto it if you need additional surveillance. 

Private Investigator in Maryland

Feel free to text our business line if you would rather not call. We will be glad to answer any questions that you may have. 

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