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This is an agreement between AAA Surveillance, Inc. and CLIENT. The parties agree that AAA Surveillance, Inc. shall provide CLIENT with Private Investigative Services which may result in; typed reports, recorded statement, printed documents, photographs, videotape evidence and/or related materials. CLIENT agrees to pay AAA Surveillance, Inc. an hourly rate plus necessary and reasonable expenses. CLIENT understands that AAA Surveillance, Inc investigators must comply with Federal, State and County laws while conducting the investigation. Investigators are not allowed to trespass in order to gain evidence. AAA Surveillance, Inc. has the right to refuse any request by CLIENT it deems inappropriate. AAA Surveillance, Inc. has the right to refuse any case, for any reason. Submission of this form does not signify acceptance of your case. No work is performed on your case without your prior authorization. Pricing subject to change.

A retainer/deposit of $1500 is required to set up most adultery, custody and fraud cases for surveillance. This retainer / deposit equates to 15-20 hours of surveillance. As your case is worked and the retainer / deposit amount is reduced, additional funds are required to maintain the $1500 balance for the case to remain open for future surveillance. In certain situations it may make more sense to keep a Credit Card Authorization on file and "Pay-As-You-Go". Any unused funds will be refunded at the conclusion of your case within 30 days via business check. 

Payment can be made via personal check, money order or cash app. The full amount of your payment will be applied to your account when paying this way. Credit Card payments are provided for your convenience but incur a 3% processing fee. The 3% is kept by the Credit Card company and is not refundable. 


SURVEILLANCE (4 hours or more)

$70 per hour, per investigator, $0.00 per mile.

SPOT CHECK (4 hours or less)

$90 per hour, per investigator, $0.60 per mile.

(requires 1 hour onsite minimum, plus travel time)

Typed report with timestamped photos always included.