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GPS tracking devices are extremely helpful and a great way to reduce the number of surveillance hours needed to gather the evidence that you need.  

Option #1:

There are a lot of devices that are available for purchase on the internet. We have over 20 years experience using these devices and will be able to point you in the right direction. We are frequently asked to conduct surveillance after our client has already purchased a GPS device. Unfortunately the client picked a cheap device where the battery only last 3-4 days. There are dependable devices out there that will last a month or longer before needing to be recharged. Just realize that the longer battery life also means the larger the device. We current recommend a device sold by LandAirSea (54 Overdrive) for $299. If you purchase this device make sure you have them set it up for 3 minute updates ($19.99/month). The battery will last a lot longer this way.


Option 2:

Your second option would be to rent the device from a local 3rd party GPS company that we frequently use when our client wants someone else to take care of the installation and removal of the device. This way you do not have to deal with having the device mailed to you and installing it yourself. The cost to rent the tracking device is $350 for two weeks. Then it's $75 for a local installation and when finished $75 to remove the device. We use two different companies that provide this service. One requires your name to be on the title of the vehicle, the other company does not care about vehicle ownership. 

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