gps rental program

Our GPS Rental Program takes the hassle out of getting you own device and learning how everything works. 

We mail you a fully charged device that is already activated with a service plan

The device can be hidden inside the vehicle, if you have access, or magnetically attached under the vehicle. 

Once installed, we do all of the tracking for you. You will be provided a daily "STOP REPORT" (spreadsheet) with clickable links showing you exactly (Google Maps) where the vehicle parked and the beginning / ending (Duration) times. This report is emailed after each full day of tracking. 

You also save money on surveillance. We would only need one investigator while conducting surveillance, since this isn't a need to follow right behind the target vehicle. The investigator can remain safely out of view a few minutes behind the target vehicle during movement. Once the target vehicle has parked, the investigator can close in and document any activity. 

We usually recommend that you allow the tracker to be used for 7-10 days while looking for "repeat locations" of a suspicious nature. If the target vehicle continues to stop at one of these locations, it is time to consider surveillance to see what is actually happening. 

Using a GPS tracking device gives you a huge advantage. 

There are some situations where the tracker may not work as expected due to technical conditions. (1) the device is battery operated and needs to be charged occasionally. (2) the device needs to be in an area where there is cell phone coverage. (3) the device needs to be able to see the sky in order to get locations coordinates. Downtown tall building and parking garages may block the signal. 

Client agrees to use the device in a legal manner. 

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